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Ode To A Jasmine Flower

I behold you as the solitary flower
On the ends of a branch-let
Ah, your fragrance travels miles
Gratifying even the dull insects!

You are a naive pinnate white
Dazzle in your sparkling beauty
I know not where I am now
I bid you my earnestly bow!

I love you for your delicacy
Enthralling my soul with sheer ecstasy
I hear something that you whisper
Very benignly in my ear!

I am so temporary and short lived
Please don't pluck me, don't be rigid
I can't move as I am unmoved
Just care me in my solitude!

Oh, my lovely jasmine
I learn a lot from your delicate life
Take my flying kiss in sublime mood
I will bethink you in my solitude!
(Dillip K Swain)