• In a world of separation, art connects


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The lights of the city have dimmed,
The stars are even more visible tonight,
And I saw the moon, a full moon,
I told my secret,
So maybe you would look at me (notice me),
I left news with the full moon,
A full moon indeed...
The wind opened my window,
The wind way blowing in your direction,
I left news with the wind,
While walking I said (to the wind) hit my face,
My face...
I called upon a distant star,
I jumped and came to its side,
I did not know where we were yesterday night,
I asked the streets,
The months began to sink as wind blew towards me,
Roses have dried up and people have fallen asleep (long time),
There was no news however from the streets, the wind or the full moon,
There was no news...there was no news
There was no news...there was no news (he had not heard anything about his lover)

(Halil Sezai &Tugce Soysop )