School project

School context projects imply less administrative requirements than European and international projects that are particularly complex from the administrative point-of-view and therefore they have always allowed me to better concentrate on the didactic and educational implications of project work in respect to a more traditional curriculum framework.

To tell the truth I must confess that my frequent study visits to England and my training courses and scholarships there have always provided me with the occasion to think and reflect on my school experiences. They enhanced innovative experimentations and the desire to test new ideas in the concrete situations of the class context.

Learning by doing and action research have further cinvinced me of the added value of project work provided it is carried out as a serious initiative providing reflection and not simply limited to a rather occasional activity that does not add to the obvious need for continuity in teaching approaches and learning processes.

Here below just some samples of project work I implemented at school are provided but many further experiences have been carried on in times when a digital documentation was not yet possible or available.