Europe and Education

At the moment education represents the most urgent challange for the European Union. It set the ambitious objective to become the most important knowledge-based economy in the global word. The ambition calls for teachers to reflect on their daily practice and reshaping of the most traditional syllabus to be in line with a new cultural dimension investing the world of learning in general, rather than simply that of a specific subject-based one. This section is meant to provide project documentations and materials illustrating the assumptions and implication of the new dimension which itself part of the larger one of globlization. I think a techer operating in contemporary educational spaces cannot neglect the new reality within which the school context has to come to terms with. Therefore some stimula for reflection may provide some support to the awareness of what being a teacher operating in an enlarged European context may be like

Project: The Lisbon Strategy. A Europe for High School Students.
The documentation illustrates a possible way for secondary scghool education to foster the European Dimension.School Year 06-07

The Power point below provides some reflection on education in a European Dimension.
What is the European Dimension of Education

Discussing Reconciliation in Europe
The training received during the Master Eurocultures elicited awareness and reflection on the significance of the European dimension and fostered information about further forms of cooperation going beyond school project work.

Education to European Citizenship.
Students studied and compared Italian and EU institutions as a means to develop and promote awareness about the different layers of identity. They were also provided with the opportunity to improve learing autonomy and microlanguage skills about institutions.

Comparing Italian and EU Institutions
The Power Point presentation was used as a speaking support at a seminar held in my school durring which students presented the results of their project work about Italian and EU institutions.