SESSION V (17 January 2006)

During the session trainees where asked to work in group and share reflection on the two observation tasks carried out as homework on an individual basis.
They were provided the models of observation tables provided below and asked to observe real-life reading. Later they were asked to compare them in order to improve personal awareness:
  • on the different reasons for which people read in real life
  • on the nature of reading tasks carried out in the classroom
Real life Observation Sample

Classroom Observation Sample

Samples are taken from Chiara Gallo's report. Members of the group: A. Amorosi, I. Fasan, C. Gallo, S. Lugnan and E. Turco.

The further step of the session consisted in a shared group comparative analysis meant to put into a better focus differences between real life reading and reading in the class. Also discussion about the reasons for the different behaviour in the two context was invited. All this in view of discussing activities and practices may reduce the gap between reading in real life and during class activities.

A post observation questionnaire was later handed over to support trainees' discussion, exchange of opinions and proposals to promote effective and lively strategies to be tested in the class environment.

Group works reflection are summarazed in the document attached and is to be used in the Plenary Session on Strategies for Reading from which the next session will start.

I apologies with the trainees who cannot see their names quoted among the Plenary Report attached to the present page (groups: Bettin, Castaldi, Dadrio, Di Domenico, Fasano and Tiselli) due to late arrival of documents that did not allow me to include in the present report. However that will be considered in the assessment stage.