SESSION VIII (7 February 2006)

During the previous sessions trainees were invited to enter personal feedback about the activities proposed during the sessions about reading strategies. Sharing their comments on the messageboard during the the first part of the lesson, it appeared they found the strategies proposed interesting and relevant for their training.
Some traines also expressed appreciation for the resources and materials they were handed out and the ones they could access on the present site which they consider useful for their practice training as well as for the revision of the problems discussed.

Writing Strategies
After that, in the second part of the session the experimentation of writing strategies was proposed by Mrs. Kelly Wager who elicited trainees to put themselves into the slippers of the students andto write something on the basis of some guidelines proposed.
The stimulus to generate ideas was "Marks in the Language Classroom Are/Aren't Important>

The procedure suggested wanted to promote reflection on innovative practices in that trainees were not asked to contribute written production following a model text as it generally happens in classroom contexts. Rather, the aim was to implement Process Writing a strategy which recalls was effectively happens when someone actually writes.

The guidelines suggested included different steps to get to an adequate final product. The idea was taken from: H. Douglas Brown, Teaching by Principles. An Interactive Approach to Language Pedagogy. Second Edition, Longman 2001.
The process includes subsequent steps.

The trainees found the suggestions rather stimulating and therefore there is hope they will experiment the procedure in the class context were they are carrying out their practice training.