March 11th, 2008. Our Learning Objects. Organizing Project Work.

The session will be devouted to provide students with tips for the production of simple series of lessons for nursery and primary school or simple project work based on the literary extracts analysed during the course. Organizing series of lessons or project work

Here below some of the students' personal study files in .ppt format about Robert Fisher's thought to be shared.
  1. Introduction and Chapter I: - A. Pustetto
  2. II Chapter: Creative Thinking - F. Fiorin
  3. III Chapter: Critical Thinking - P. Rossi
  4. IV Chapter: Problem Solving - A. Mio Bertolo
  5. V Chapter: Instrumental Enrichment - E. Segatto
  6. VI Chapter: Philosophy for Children - S. Santellani
  7. VII Chapter: Teaching for Thinking - S. Lizzi
  8. VIII Chapter: Teaching for Thinking across the Curriculum (missing) - G. Cantoni