Competences at School. Teens'Life Styles. A Students'Survey

The  page is meant to present the results of 1ALS' - 1ASA'a and 1BLS' survey about Teenagers'Life Styles.

The work has been carried out under the supervision of Prof. Marilena Beltramini and the collaboration of Prof. Alessandra Fabris and Prof. Liliana Giolo.

Students have interviewed guys of both genders aged 14-18: each student in the different classes has learnt about 6 peers.

The project was meant to offer learners the opportunity to improve Competences in Language, Communication, Information and Communication technology, Calculations, Percentages, Bar and Pie Chart.

The corpus of information is relevant since it includes more than 1000 answers.


Teenagers'Life Styles. A Survey. Results.

Results will be presented with reference to the different question posed.

Questions Posed and Results.

1.Question nr.1:       English: What do you do? - Italian: Cosa fai? 

2. Question nr.2:      English: Do you like what you do? - Italian: Ti piace quello che fai?

3. Question nr.3:      English: Which subjects do you like? – Italian: Quali materie ti piacciono?

4. Question nr.4: English : What subjects do you not like?- Italian: Quali materie non ti piacciono?

5. Question nr.5: English: How do you get around? - Italian: Con che mezzi di trasporto ti muovi?

6. Question nr.6: English: Do you get on well with your family? - Italian: Vai d’ accordo con la tua famiglia?

7. Question nr.7: English: Have you got a favourite friend? - Italian: Hai un amico/amica del cuore?

8. Question nr. 8a: English: If yes, why? - Italian: Se si, perché?

9. Question nr. 8b: English: If no, why?- Italiano: Se no, perché?

10. Question nr. 9: English: Do you meet your group of friends? - Italiano: Incontri il tuo gruppo di amici?

11. Question nr. 10: English: What do you do with your group of friends? - Italiano: Cosa fai con il tuo gruppo di amici?

12. Question nr.11: English: Do you practice any sport?- Italian: Pratichi qualche sport?

13. Question nr. 12: English: If you do, how often do you train? - Italiano: Se sì, quante volte ti alleni?

14. Question nr. 13: English: Have you got any plans for your future? - Italian: Hai dei piani per il tuo futuro?

15. Question nr. 14: English: What do you like eating? - Italiano: Cosa ti piace mangiare?

16. Question nr. 15: English: What do you like drinking?- Italian: Che cosa ti piace bere?

17. Question nr. 16: English: Do you ever have alcoholic drinks?- Italian: Bevi mai alcolici?

18. Question nr. 17: English: What do you like buying when you have money?- Italian: Cosa ti piace comprare quando hai soldi?

19. Question nr. 18a: English: Do you ever think of guys less lucky than you?- Italian: Pensi mai ai ragazzi meno fortunati di te? 

20. Question nr. 18b: English: If yes, how often? - Italian: Se si, quanto spesso?

21.Question nr. 19a: English: Do you ever think of guys luckier than you?- Italiano : Pensi mai ai ragazzi della tua età più fortunati di te?

22. Question nr. 19b: English : If yes , how often ? If no, how often ? - Italiano : Se si quante volte ? Se no, quante volte ?