At School

The present area deals with action research and experiences accomplished in the more specific school context. It includes different samples of practice and activities addressed to teachers.

Even if they can also be accessed also in Multimedia, the dedicated area, ICT training courses are included. As a matter of fact, nowadays ICT tools are an integrative and integrating part of training. It is therefore rather difficult to deal with teacher training in a totally discrete approach. It follows that ICT competences call for a silent but interactive dialogue between the more specific pedagogic field and ICT tools, thus implying a constructivist approach to the learning and teaching process.

Here below some materials are provided as examples used to reinforce and support the training and learning process.

  • The New School Reform.
    Supporting School Reform in Language Learning

  • An Interactive and intertextual Response to T. S. Eliot's output.

  • Venues to Study the the Industrial Revolution as a Never ending Process
    The Industrial Revolution
    The material was produced as an example to be used at different levels in Content Language Integrated Learning C.L.I.L.

    The three modules were meant to provide teachers support in the skill of integrating ICT tools with their daily didactics and cover different problematic areas.

    Pay attention!
    The materials provided so far range over different fields and were conceived for different purposes. Please, have a look and do not hesitate to contact me via the site, if you need more exhaustive information.