Module PPP

The PPP module objective is to provide trainees with occasions to implement learning units or modules showing an adequate level of consistency and coherence in designing possible learning paths.
In addition to this coursists are supported in Writing their final report whic should link theory with practice.

The module will also provide the introduction and illustration of course objectives with reference to D.M. 4 giugno 2001, n. 268. Trainees will also be shown guidelines about structure, content, language of report,abstract writing included.
Information given will also concern:
  • mock exams
  • theory
  • SISS laboratory experience
  • practice training
  • research questions.
Collection of students’ needs will be taken into due consideration especially as regards the themes and issues trainees are going to discuss in their final report.
Group work will consist in preparing drafts of perspective reports and note taking of eventual needs.
Competences practiced will include reflection on "How to write an essay" and "How to write a research report", the main points of an essay and the ones of a report especially with the selection of consistent research questions,
An example of an academic critically reflective report will also be offered as reference text model. It will provide occasions to discuss structure, text organization, heuristic function of language in the hope shared reflection may enhance awareness in carrying out professional and academic tasks.