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Bufo_Foe_Function of the chapters
[author: Sara Bufo - postdate: 2007-10-10]

Text:J.M.Coetzee's Foe
Task: function of the chapters analysis

Cultural:going beyond the text
Linguistic: improving  writing skills




The function of the first chapter is to introduce the pretext for a further reflection. The pretext is to rewrite the classical novel by Defoe and represent it from a different point of view, a woman's one. In order to do so, the writer adopts intertextuality, a typical Postmodern technique which mixes different texts, even from different periods, to make a new discourse.


The function of the second chapter is to go in depth into the experience of writing. In order to do so, the structure is epistolary (typical postmodern structure).


The function of chapter three is to analyse how a story should be written and what "to write a story" means.


The function of the forth chapter is to analyse the concept of reality. There are as many realities as the ones of those who live it. As a consequence, the narrator is a liar: he can't describe reality, but just a perspective of it.