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ACara - Past Progressive Practise
[author: Angelica Cara - postdate: 2007-10-15]

  TEXT English pass

TASK exercise pag 182 -183


Esercizio A pag 182

1)I was snoreing .

Was I snoring

Wasn't I snoring

I wasn't snoring.

2)the cat was climbing over the roof.

Was the cat climbing over the roof?

Wasn't the cat climbing aver the roof?

The cat wasn't climbing over the roof.

3)Mark and his wife were quarreling.

Were Mark and his wife quarreling?

Weren't Mark and his wife quarreling?

Mark and his wife weren't quarreling.

4)the band were playing waltz

Were the band playing a waltz?

Weren't tha band playing a waltz?

The band weren'y playing a waltz.

5)the workers were making a lot of noise.

were the workers making a lot of noise?

Weren't the workers making a lot of noise?

The workers weren't making a lot of noise.

6)it was raining that morning.

Was it raining that morning?

Wasn't it raining that morning?

It wasn't raining that morning.


Esercizio B pag 182

Were he?yes she was

Was she? No she  wasn't

Weren't they? Yes they were.


Esercizio C pag 182

No they weren't they were dancing.

Where were eddie and claudia?

No he wasn't he was opening a water bottle

What was doing billy?

What was doing Greg?


Esercizio D pag 189

Mr:Hello darling,I'm back.

Mrs:Ah here you are.

Mr: what's the matter?you look angry.

Mrs:I am. I know you weren't at work this morning.you were in town.

Mr:Well mmm...yes I was.I was going to meet a costumer.

Mrs:You were standing at a taxi rank.what were you doing there and where were you going?

Mr:I told you I was waiting for a costumer.

Mrs:No,you weren't waiting for a costumer. Mary johnson saw you in Petty Lane. You were walking as if you were tring not to be seen.

Mr:Ok.I admit it. I was there.I was looking for a florist's.these roses are for you.Happy anniversari my love.