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ACara - Present Perfect. Practise
[author: Angelica Cara - postdate: 2007-10-08]

Text: English Pass
Task: Practicing The Present Perfect.


Exercise p. 205

Exercise I

0) It's the first time he's tried ice-skating

He's never tired ice-skating before

1)It's the first time time he's visited a big city
He's never visited a big city before

2)It's the first time he's ridden a bicycle.
He's never ridden a bicycle before

3)It's the first time it has flown out of the nest
It's never flown out of the nest before

4)It's the first time they had seen a mime
They've never seen a mime before

5)It's the first time he's eaten chilli
He's never eaten chilli before

6)It's the first time she's changed a tyre
She's never changed a tyre before

Exercise J
1) He's never spoken to me before
It's the first time he's spoken

2)This is my first holiday abroad
They've never had a holiday abroad before.

3)This is the first SMS Mark has sent me
Mark's never sent me SMS before

4)They've never quarrelled before.
This is the first time they've quarrelled

5)I've read this book three times.
This is the third time i've read the book

6)This is the first time we've made a long journey.

We've never made a long journey

Exercise  K
1) What weather! It 's been raining all day!
2) The kids must be tired. They've been palying all afternoon
3) Where have you been? I've looked for you everywhere.
4) I think dad needs a holiday. He's been working very hard in the last few months
5)The coach says we can win the cup because we've been improving all season
6)Come on Eric! Let's play frisbee. You've been sleeping in the sun all afternoon
7) I hope things get better fot Thelma. She's been having a difficult time recently
8) Can't we stop for a rest? We've been walking all morning.