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GDaniotti - Letter Writing
[author: Giulia Daniotti - postdate: 2007-10-01]

Text: Letter

Task: Writing Skills


Dear Ms Beltramini,

how are you?

I'm not so happy because last week school started. I'm happy because I see again my friends but I'm also tired to wake up so early every day and ...I don't know... but also following my ordinary routine is heavy!

When I was on holiday, this summer, I woke up at about 9.30 a.m every day, then I had breakfast; sometimes in the afternoon I went to the beach to sunbath and to see nice boys in bathing-costume!! I made everything slowly!

Now, in the morning, I put my alarm clock at 6.30 a.m, but when it rings I put it off and I think "five minutes longer!!".

Unfortunately five minutes often become ten minutes and at last ... I am really late!!!

I do all quickly and when I arrive at school I'm already tired!

Moreover at school we have homework and texts and I must study! I don't like studying of course!

This afternoon I am trying to do my Latin homework  but I don't remember anything and so Mr Castellan will not be happy!

By the way talking about homework: I have a problem. My computer has a virus and I will not be able to do my English homework on the website for two weeks.

I left it to a technician to repair and I hope he'll do it quickly!

What should I do with the homework? If you want I can do it on my copybook and when I have  my computer back again I will paste it on the site.

See you soon.