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FComelli - The Village
[author: Francesca Comelli - postdate: 2008-01-06]
[attachs vedi file allegato ]


Just considering the title I may expect the poem to be about a story set in a village.
I may expect the film is an horror film because reading some reviews I noted the film was introduced as a horror film. [img1]


The film begins with the funeral of a child in a small village.
The people of the village live in fear of nameless creatures in the woods that surround  the village.
The villagers makes some barriers and towers to check themovement of such creatures. Moreover they have a truce with Those We Don't Speak Of: people don't go into woods and the creatures don't enter the village.
But now some dead animals are starting to appear around the village. This happens because Lucius passed through the woods. Lucius made a short venture into the woods and as a result, the creatures left warnings around the village in the form of splashes of red paint on all the villager's doors.
Ivy the blind daughter of the head Elder tells Lucius her feelings for him and at the same time he confesses his feelings for her. They begin to organise their wedding and Noah, a friend of Ivy and Lucius who is mentally disabled and in love of Ivy, jealously attacks Lòucius with a knife.
In order  to save her sweetheart Ivy decides to pass through the forest and look for  a medicine for Lucius. Before she leaves, her father explains to her that the creatures are only a fabrication of the Elders to forbid their children from living the village.
While Ivy is travelling through the forest one of the creatures attacks her but she makes a trick to trap it. As a matter of fact she leads it into falling into a hole in the ground where it is killed by the fall. She discovers the creature is Noah in a creature costume that he had found under the floor of the room he had been locked in because he had attacked Lucius.
After that Ivy finds her way but she goes towards a large wall. After she climbs over the wall she meets a ranger named Kevin that agrees to help her.
Finally she returns to the village with the medicine but at the same time in the village the Elders are opening their black boxes that contain memories from their lives in the outside world.


I think that the music of the film is fantastic and the violin underlines the most relevant moments. Moreover in the fearful scenes the music chosen by the director underlines the contrast between good and evil. The effectis strengthened by the alternation of low and loud notes.
For these reasons I think that The Village is a film to see and to listen to.

The predominant colour of the village is grey as a matter of fact all villagers dress in the grey colour but they have a yellow mantle. Another colour is red but this colour carries a negative connotation because it evokes the wood creatures,
I think that Shyamaian chose such colours because red is the symbol of blood, the devil and  passion, yellow is the symbol of happiness because in the film you can note that during the wedding all people dress yellow dresses and it is the predominant colour of the party. Moreover black is the colour of secrets because it is the colour of the boxes that contain memories from the Elders living in the outside world.
Finally I think another important colour  is blue because it is the colour of Ivy's eyes and so I think that this is the symbol of the blindness and serenity.

During the film you can listen to more sounds that create suspense and fear.
When Ivy is in the forest, she listens to creaking, bleating and some howls.

I think the message of this film is political because the same Shyamaian says that he checks off the 11th September.  I think the theme of this film is Love because this is the element that helps Ivy to pass through the forest and this is the strength that can help men to go forward and to overcome difficulties.
Moreover I think that the village is only a metaphor for the Church: the oath was done on propose to hold violence and sins away.