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EDreossi - Why young adolescents should study Shakespeare
[author: Enrica Dreossi - postdate: 2008-01-07]

Why young adolescents should study Shakespeare?

In the present essay I’m going to demonstrate the reason why I think young adolescents should study Shakespeare. First of all I’m going to organize my work into three different sequences: the first one will introduce the object of discussion, the second one will develop the argumentation and in the last one I will conclude with my considerations.
Shakespeare is one of the most important literary figures of English literature, so I can imagine the question our teacher wanted to ask us is why studying literature is so important for young adolescents.

I think that by studying Shakespeare we can better understand the importance of studying  foreign literature. Every different country has got, of course, a different history, and so a different point of view in front of the same problem or statement, or if we refer to literature, the same theme. Therefore I think studying Shakespeare we can also study the English language and learn other words and grammatical forms. They are really important even for our personal culture. 

The study of Shakespeare teaches us the importance of English culture referring to ours, and also we can better understand the Italian culture and we can be more critical.
We know that the sonnet originated in Italy in the 13th century and so it is part of  Italian culture,too, but knowing that the sonnet moved from Italy to England, we can understand there were relations between different countries and so also between different cultures.
The standard themes in Shakespeare’s collection of 154 sonnets are courtly love for the fair youth and the description of the dark lady. For example these are typical Italian  themes and they can be compared with the English ones.

But we can also analyse differences between Italian and English themes. As a matter of fact in the description of the fair youth Shakespeare describes his patron, or his social superior, saying he loves him and so some people accuse him to be an homosexual.
By the description of fair youth Shakespeare wants to reach an ideal beauty, connecting male and female elements in a single person: a metaphor, which justifies Shakespeare’s feelings and emotions for the fair youth.

In my opinion he wasn’t homosexual. He only knows  real love, which is not only referred to the feelings between a woman and a man, but also between two men. The message of Shakespeare is to reach an ideal of love all people can find.
So, young adolescents must study Shakespeare because he teaches us how to live and love, because literature is always worth diregarding time references.