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GDelFrate_Short Essay_
[author: Giulia Del Frate - postdate: 2008-01-04]


In this short essay I'm going to demonstrate the reasons why adolescents should study Shakespeare.

I think that we must go beyond the idea he might have been an homosexual because love is universal, whatever the sex and who you love but only what you feel is the real important thing.

In adolescence everything is enlargee and stressed, everything is lived intensely and for the first time, you discover what  to love mean and what real life is like.

When you fall in love it is always like the first time and always different.

Moreover when we are in love we see our love like a perfect and ideal man/woman, and everything in comparison is nothing.

Our love is the most beautiful person on earth and we see him/her as something divine, for Shakespeare too.

You look him/her in a different way from others: you have a light in your eyes and they start to shine when you see the person you love. You start to live because you know he is the missing piece of your life. And this is another common point with Shakespeare.

Shakespeare is like a mature adolescent. He feels our same feelings.

But is mature too because we are like Romeo and Juliet while him is ready to live without his lover and live only with love.

For us it is like: Quod me nutrit me destruit.

Shakespeare lives thanks to his love for the fair youth and finds a reason to continue his life in his love.

But his love is not ambiguous so it can be complete and genuine.

As a matter of fact this situation makes the poet to write his destruction and resignation.

So love fuels Shakespeare but at the same time destroys him.

It is what happened to us but we don't accept to live without the person we love and it seems as if we were dying and we think that our life can't go on.

We must study Shakespeare because he felt what we are feeling and because we can learn his strength in love. Love makes persons live, it doesn't' make persons die. Shakespeare lives thanks to love not thanks to the body of his lover. It's a sad resignation but we had to face reality.

But life is not always sad, in the meanwhile we can live for love and in the middle of our life full of love we can find the right person.

We can give to this person all the love that is grown up during our life because every single person is a step (tappa) of our life and like every step it may represent a conquest that improves ourselves. Even love suffering is a learning. When we arrive at destination we are better persons and we try not to repeat the same mistakes  we have done in the stops.