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M.Virgolin - The University of Paris Sorbonne
[author: Marco Virgolin - postdate: 2008-01-24]

University of Paris Sorbonne - Virgolin Marco



My name is Virgolin Marco and I've just left the secondary school. I ever wanted like to study at a University abroad in Europe, and the University of Paris Sorbonne attracted me because I love France: I'm very fond of French culture, that's why I think that studying in Paris will be amazing.


Since 2002, as a consequence of the European university's system reforms, French Universities adopted  the 3+2 model. Moreover, the University of Paris Sorbonne has borne the mark of LMD reform (License, Master and Doctorate) to collaborate with the universities of the member states, in accord to the "Bologna Process". Both the aspects are also used in the Italian universities.


Since I do really like playing guitar and listening to every music genre, I would like to attend the department of music. It consists of 3 years program of general education (License) plus a fourth year, called "Maîtrise", which offers the possibility to attend a Master.

The application form to subscribe to the University of Paris Sorbonne must be accompanied by the CV and a copy of my school certificate translated into French by a translator approved by the university. In addition to this, I'll be asked to prove my knowledge of French by means of a language exam called TCF (test de conoissance du franςais).



For further information visit the website: http://www.paris-sorbonne.fr/en/