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FBernardini - I Wander Lonely As a Cloud. Video
[author: Beltramini Marilena - postdate: 2008-03-05]

Text: I Wander Lonely As a Cloud

Task: Comment the video



The video is about 6 minutes long. It shows a girl "wandering" in the countryside, and then "recollecting" her emotion after a period of time. The atmosphere is very sad, thanks both to images (mainly black-and-white, in colour when the emotion is recollected) and to music. It seems to be autumn, or early spring, because there are no leaves on the trees.Therefore the setting is very important: it includes a desolate nature, with a lake and some trees. The solitude of the poet is expressed in many ways: the girl is the only person in the video, music is produced only by a guitar solo, and there is a strong clash between Nature and human being produced by images. Daffodils are shown moving in the breeze, in small groups: in effect they are not alone. The idea of inner emotion is conveyed by the producer through devices such as foregrounds on the girl's face and visions through her eyes.
Francesco Bernardini