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SMilan - I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud - video
[author: Sara Milan - postdate: 2008-03-06]

Text: I Wander Lonely as a Cloud



TITLE: “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”
DURATION: 6.16 minutes
AUTHOR: Robbie Stout, 12th March 2007, England
MUSIC BY: EARTH: HEX: or Printing in the infernal Method

The first scene of the video suggests the image of a tree seen from above that stands out in a grey overcast sky. Immediately we understand that it is autumn or early spring because there aren’t leaves on the branches. The colours used are black and white. The atmosphere created is very sad: there are a lot of vales and hills bordering a lake where nothing seems to move and this aspect creates the idea of a desert nature. Even the music conveys the idea of solitude. In this setting there is only a girl that wanders lonely beneath the trees. The only thing moving in the breeze is a small group of daffodils beside the lake. The girl is very interested in watching and gathering the flowers and thanks to her face, in particular her eyes, conveys the idea of inner emotions of the poet.