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GSerpi - Notes
[author: Gianluca Serpi - postdate: 2008-02-15]


Our work is part of a project to investigate the opportunities given to a student belonging to a EU Member State. 

The search was concerned with gathering information about different conditions of enrollment at EU Universities. Mainly we decided to collect for a perspective enrollment to the faculty of law in the following European Universities:

- Charles University in Prague (CZ)

- Humboldt University in Berlin (D)

- London School of Economic in London (GBA)

- Sorbonne in Paris (F)

We also wanted to see if attending different courses from law provided different opportunities and or require different prerequisites. Therefor we decided to analyze what you need if you would like to attend a more artistic faculty. With this aim in mind we took Paris La Sorbonne University as our search resource. 

To carry out our work we organized into group each of which was in charge of a different University.

We negotiated a check list with the information we require to give our work a certain homogeneity:

1. Introduction

About the University

2. List of faculties

Type of faculty

3. Courses

Compulsory courses

4. Entry certification

General Requirements

Language Requirements

Entrance Exam

5. Enrollment for students

Application Deadlines

Visa information

6. Fees

Tuition fees

7. Financial undertaking forms

8. Benefits for E.U. Students

Only once we have gathered and synthesized our results each group illustrated them to the class and all of us could realized that in EU Member State countries students are generally speaking provided more or less the same opportunities.

Furthermore once you have been accepted at the University you have applied for you can also enjoy more opportunities like:

- Erasmus

- Leonardo

- Grundtvig


Mobility is together with all other freedoms (language, traveling, exchange, services, ) secured by European Citizenship one more opportunity for the student who wants to experience the flavor of :


- Living in another country

- Experiencing an intercultural situation

- Improving his / her for a language proficiency

- Improving personal autonomy

- Coming to turn with an “alter world” 

- Meeting new people


WHAT’S MORE? Probably live European citizenship.