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GSerpi - Did you Know?
[author: Gianluca Serpi - postdate: 2008-04-07]


In our class we do not only learn concepts but we also try to apply  information in projects.

We try to transform ideas into competence. In the project we make use of technologies support and not least of English, so we make use of two standards approved by Europe in the Lisbon Strategy.

The video shows the worrisome situation of developed country.

In these country people prefer to spend time on sites like my space or youtube, instead of studying.

The Internet is an important information channel, but nowadays we make an unfair use of it. On the contrary in country such as India or China, people are subject to a more strict education.

The video illustrates such reality very clearly.

To change direction is important:  teaching a more correct use of technologies to students is worth while, and not simply how to use them.