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SMilan - Did You Know?
[author: Sara Milan - postdate: 2008-04-10]





The video "Did You Know 2.0" illustrates how much shift happens in a very fast way both in terms of geopolitics and technologies. The world’s changing is a frenetic process of development that involves all people, in particular young men. The data speak clearly: the world ichanged in 10 years ago and it develops day by day.

Children begin to use a personal computer at age 4, the tools of communication are necessary  to work and everything is regulated by a digital system. This is a world in which technology and communication plays the main role.


Every organ talks about progress: as a matter of fact you just need to consider “The Community Programme for Employment and Social Solidarity” of European Union established to  financially supportthe implementation of the objectives of the EU in the fields of employment and social affairs. The world population is growing and with it the need to distinguish ourselves. But, as I can see, despite clear data, not every people and every organ have gathered this frenetic change of world: a lot of people, in particular in our country, have are narrow minded and reston the idea of a steady world. But to survive it is necessary to change in the direction society is changing and as a consequence is necessary to promote a more conscious approach to reality.


Considering my personal experience, especially talking about the school, the topic change was touched several times.

In particular my English teacher advances a lot of interesting projects to create a common conscience in students with the intent to provide them with  a real image of this world. Society needs to invest on young people to guarantee a future to the world. The main protagonists of this process are surely school and work that together should give students opportunities and certainties.


To reach this aim is fundamental for us not to think of  a local reality but to a global one, beginning to create something concrete.


In conclusion I think that the environment I live in is not wholly walking the right route to encourage my approach to reality but my duty is anyhow to provide for my introduction into the global world.