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FRossetti - Tom Jones, by Henry Fielding
[author: Federica Rossetti - postdate: 2008-04-27]


Tom Jones, by Henry Fielding


Exercise number 1

You are going to read an almost complete chapter of the novel. Each chapter in the novel is prefaced by a brief summary. Read both the summary and the text and note down.


  1. What the "dreadful accident" is
    the second day of hunting Sophia's horse started to prancing and capering in such a manner that she was in the most eminent peril of falling.
  2. what "the gallant behaviour of Jones" is
    Tom saw everything and leapt from his own horse, and caught hold of hers by the bridle. The horse reared and threw Sophia from his back, and Johns caught her in his arms.
  3. what the "Dreadful consequence of that Behaviour to the young Lady" is
    Sophia fells deeply in love with Tom (before there was only passion).


Exercise number 2

Compare the summary of the chapter and the text you have read. What part of the chapter has been left out in the passage?


In the summary we don't find the "dreadful accident".


Exercise number 3

What function do you think the summary fulfils? Tick the most appropriate function/s but be ready to explain your choices.


  1. It gives a summary of the main events in the chapter.
  2. It creates expectations as to further developments in the plot.
  3. It gives an interpretation of the events in the chapter.


I think that the correct answer is number 2, as a matter of fact, when you read the summary you know what is going to happened next so you are more interested to read the chapter.


Exercise number 4

Consider the characters in the extract.


  • a) Write down a brief description of each character taking into account the characteristics of their personalities and their feelings towards each other.
    Sophia: Sophia is a nice girl, in love with Tom, thinks that her father's word is a law.
    Tom: Tom is a young boy, he loves Sophia and would risk his own life to save Mr Western's daughter. He is sensible and very kind. He respects Mr Western.
    Mr Western: he is fond of his daughter and of his dogs, he is a good person and a protective father.
  • b) Are the characters of Tom, Sophia and Mr Western revealed through showing or telling? Give examples.
    All of the three characters are revealed through showing, as a matter of fact, Henry Fielding talks about their personality with actions and dialogues.


Exercise number 5

Consider the point of view. From whose point of view are the events in Chapter 13 narrated?


The events are narrated from an omniscient narrator, as a matter of fact he knows everything, even Sophia's feelings.