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ESavorgnan - Homework 04-12-2017 Text
by ESavorgnan - (2017-12-02)
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My idea about the word “family”


I think family means the people you live with.

Nowadays there are many kinds of families, each one very different from others

In my school book there was write that a family cans be composed by a man and an animal.

In my opinion this is a wrong affirmation because family is an ensemble of people related togheter by a relationship.

I'm a believer so I'm not agree with homosexual-families.

Nevertheless our society accept this kinds of link and I am nobody to say what's right and what's wrong in this field.

My idea of family is the “classical” one, formed by a father, a mother and one or more children.

Obviously today there are always more single-people, divorced with kids so thinking about families

I thing about this particular kind too.