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MBurba - Homework 12.12.2017
by MBurba - (2017-12-12)
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SUBJECT: English course


Hi mum and dad


I am so happy about the English course. I learn a lot from it. I really like my classmates I think they are very friendly. I really get on well with Fiona. She is kind , funny and she is very similar to me. I like spending the afternoon with her. We usually go to the cinema or we go shopping. Every Tuesday we go to the swimming pool together. There is an high trampoline and I love diving from it. The weather isn’t very good. It is often cloudy and rainy.


The house where I stay is very pretty and cosy. There are three floors and my bedroom is on the third one. The landlady is so kind and she is a brilliant cook. She cooks me fish and chips every lunch. I love fish and chips!


What about you? What do you do during the afternoon?


Miss you so much


See you soon