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JSchiff _ Homework for the 15th December 2017.
by JSchiff - (2017-12-14)
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Write an e-mail.


To: Klaus


Subject: My activities in York.



I write to you to talk about my new life in York.

Here, I live with a small family in a big house in the centre of the city, the family is composed by the Land Lord, the Land lady and their child.

English food is not bad but is miss so much the Italian one; We often have fish and chips for dinner and they drink lots of Soda!

My English course is really difficult but also much interesting, we often go for trips in the city and out, I met a lot of new friends and they are really funny, we love playing football together after the course but they aren’t very good at it... I noticed also that they have a strange pronunciation of some words, but they told me that’s a common thing: it happens in every big cit of the UK.

Here I have a lot of fun in the afternoon with my new friends, they let me visit the city and we often go shopping in the mall of the town ( it’s really big!), like watching sports on TV, they particularly like watching football and tennis matches.

And you? What’s going on at home? Please tell me everything in the answering letter!