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by MBurba - (2018-01-18)
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Group 3: Micol Burba , Alice Cleber, Erma Koci; Anastasia Raktovic and Letizia Rossetti        


                          "LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD"


PRESENTATORI :  We are going to perform "Little Red Riding Hood"We hope you will enjoy our play about the wolf, the grandma and Little Red Riding Hood


Grandmother: What’s happening?

Granddaughter 1: We don’t want to sleep

Grandmother: Why?

Granddaughter 2: We want to play!

Granddaughter 3: Let’s play with Wii!

Granddaughter 4: No!!! Let’s play with Barbie

Grandmother: I Know what to do

Girls: What?

Grandmother: I’ll tell you a story

Girls: Okay…

Grandmother: I’m going to tell you the story of Little Red Riding Hood.



Mummy: Hello, Little Red.

Little Red: Hello, Mum!

Mummy: Take this basket to Grandma, please.

Little Red: What's in it Mum?

Mummy; In the basket?

Little Red: Yes, in the basket.

Mummy: Look! One big apple, three oranges, one jar of honey and one of  strawberry jam.

Little Red: Mmm…I love strawberry jam!

Mummy: Grandma likes it, too.

Little Red: Are you sure? Let’s call her!

The phone is ringing.

Grandma: Hello, who’s speaking?    

Little Red: Little Red speaking

Grandma: Oh my dear! Why are you calling me?

Little Red: I want to ask you if you like strawberry jam. Soon, I’ll bring you a basket with some food.

Grandma: Oh, I don’t like it so much, will you bring me some biscuits, too? I really love them.

Little red: Okay see you later.

Mummy: Now, be a good girl and go to Grandma's.

Little Red: Ok Mum. Goodbye.

Wolf: Hello, my little girl. What's your name?

Little Red: My name is Little Red Riding Hood.

Wolf: Where are you going?

Little Red: I'm going to Grandma's.

Wolf: What have you got in the basket?

Little Red: One big apple, three oranges, some biscuits and one jar of honey. They're for my Grandma.

Wolf: I want to go to grandma's … I'm hungry, very hungry! And, we’ll see who arrives to Granma’s earlier. I’ll take this path and you that one over there.

Narrator: So, the wolf has deicided to deceive Little Red. She takes the longest path and the wolf the shorter one.

At the same time, Grandma is cleaning the house.

 Grandma: Oh, my back! My legs, my arms! My head! I'm so tired! I'm so old. I’d better relax a bit.


Grandma: Is that you, Little Red?

Wolf: Yes, Granny. It's me!

Grandma: Come in, come in my child. Oh, Gosh  you’ve tricked me. You’re THE WOLF!

Narrator: The wolf enters the house, eats the grandmother and relaxes on her bed waiting for Little Red .


Wolf: Who is out there?

Little Red: I’m you’re granddaughter!

Narrator: Little Red enters the house .

Little Red: But Granny, what big eyes you've got!

Wolf: All the better to see you with, my child!

Little Red: But Granny, what big ears you've got!

Wolf: All the better to hear you with!

Little Red: Oh Granny, what big mouth, and what big teeth you've got!

Wolf: All the better to eat you with!

Narrator: And, immediately the wolf eats Little Red.

                  On that very moment, a hunter is passing next to the house and he hears Grandma’s snoring.

Hunter: Oh, Gosh, Grandma is snoring really loud!

Narrator: The hunter enters the house…

Hunter: Oh my God! There is a wolf and no Grandma here!

Grandmother and Little Red: Help! Help US please! We are trapped inside the wolf’s belly

Narrator: The hunter takes the scissors and saves Grandma and Little Red.

Grandmother and Little Red: Thank you! Thank you so much!

Little Red: I brought some food; let us have biscuits with honey and celebrate our SALVATION.

Grandamother, Yes, you’re right!! Invite the hunter, too.

Little Red: Of course!!!