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ESavorgnan - Homework 23-01-2018
by ESavorgnan - (2018-01-22)
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Text 1 -In a pizzeria-


Costumer: Hello!

Server: Hi! What would you like to eat ?

C: Can I have a tuna pizza, please?

S: Yes, sure! What size ?

CI prefer a small one, please. When will it be ready ?

S: I think at 19.30. Do you wait here?
C: Yes. Can I pay now?
S: Sure. It's £7.50.

C: Here you are.

S: Thanks!



Text 2 -In a restaurant-


Waiter: Good evening, Mr Smith. Are you ready to order?
Costumer: Hi! Yes, obviously.

W: What would you like to eat ?
C: I'd like a cheese platter; for the first I'd like a lasagna; for the second a grilled fish and for side dish I would have chips.

W: Anythink else?

C: No, can I have a tiramisù for dessert?
W: Yes. What would you like to drink?
C: A bottle of mineral water, please.

W: Ok. Enjoy your meal!



Text 3 -A vegetarian restaurant poster-


The Vegetable Restaurant!

Come to the new vegan restaurant in the centre of Manchester!
Two courses cost from £10 to £25! All, strictly, vegan food !

Telefon Number: 020 498 3930

Thanksgivingday Street, 12, Manchester