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FDelFabbro - I look into my glass
by FDelFabbro - (2019-02-25)
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Just considering the title I expect the poem tells about an old person while is remembering the young- ages.


it’s a poem because it’s divided into stanzas. There are three stanzas of four lines each. The title coincides with the first line. In lines 2 and 3 there is an anaphoric sound of prposition AND. there is a direct speach. The first word of each stanza starts with a capital letter. I think also that the speaking voice coincides with the author.


There is a rhyme in cupplets becuase the author gives a musical rhytim to the text. The verb tenses are all in the simple present because the author convais the idea of a situation that isn’t changed. There is a direct speach in lines 3 and 4. In the first stanza there is the alliteration of letter “s” that gives the idea of silence. In the last stanza there is the alliteration of letter “f”. it’s a soft sound and it gives me the idea of something fragile or a breath. There are also lots of words that belong to the semantic field of time: it came to pass, for then, grown, endless, time, eve, noontide. He wants to give the idea of the continuous force of time, which passes very quickly and takes everything away. The only remedy to stop it is remembering the most beautiful episodes of past life.


It’s an important poem that It takes me to live every single moment as if it was the last.