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FDelFabbro - One art
by FDelFabbro - (2019-02-25)
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TITLE: Something you’re very good at or one specific art, a talent you have.

LAYOUT AND STRUCTURE: The poem is arranged in this way:

there are nineteen lines divided into six stanzas. The first five stanzas have 3 lines; the lastone has four lines. The line “The art of loosing isn’t hard to master” is repeated in line 1, 6, 12 and 18 (is made stronger by the introduction of too). It is like a refrain. The scheme of the rhymes is: ABA; ABA; ABA; CBA; ABA; DBAA.

I believe it is the author who is speaking.


In the first stanza there is the alliteration of letter “R”. it convais me the idea of something difficult to do because the letter “R” is an hard sound. The first line is similar in line 6,12 and 18. I think the poet repeated it becuase she wants to give the idea of something hard and difficult. It’s an incremental repetition and reinforce the topic of all the text. There are lots of words that belong to the semantic field of a tragic situation, such as: losing, be lost, disaster,fluster, badly. It’s a sad poem that teaches us not to tell lies because we can lost someone dear.



I think the poet has last many thing in her life. Some are not important but towards the end it seems that she has lost someone dear and with him she lost something fundamental for her life. I also think that she caused this grat loss because of her lies. According to me this is a sad poem and it teaches us not to tell lies.