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FDelFabbro - Warning
by FDelFabbro - (2019-02-25)
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Taking the title into consideration I expect the poem to be about the remembring of young ages.


It’s a poem becuase is arranged into 4 stanza but the structure of each stanza is different. The length of the stanza are so different. The first stanza covers the first 11 lines. The second and the third stanz are arranged into four lines each. The last stanza is divided into three lines. In the first stanza there is the anaphoric sound of word “With”,” and”, “I”. every line starts with  capital letter.


Why did the poet not follow a very equanim structure? I think the poet divides the stanza in different ways beacuse he wants to remember the most beautiful moments of the present and the last stanza is shorther because represents the past actions. In the last stanza there is a question. The verb tenses of the first stanza are all in the simple present while the verb tenses of the secon and hird stanza are all in the past simple. There aren’t alliterations. there are lots of words that remind to the time. The text gives the idea that the author wants to live the present without forgetting all the best moments of the past


I learn that I have to live my life without wasting time