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FDelFabbro - Argumentative text about Lord Randal
by FDelFabbro - (2019-02-25)
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Argumentative text about Lord Randal

Lord Randal is on the point of dying. He declares his will to his mother. After considering the denotative level of this poem, write an argoumentative text about what you have learn of the middle-ages thanks to the poem

The poem teaches the reader that in the Middle Ages it was important for a powerful man to divide his riches among his heirs and heiresses to keep the estate in the family. So he had to make a will which usually is written. In Lord Randal’s case who died in an unexpected way he told it to his mother orally. His will followed primogeniture rules: the lands and the title went to his brother, the gold and silver went to his sister so that se could be attractive to a possible husband. The mother got the least part of the inheritance.

In the Middle Ages among the nobles, there was also a real culture for hunting: in fact Lord Randal went hunting with "hawks and hounds".