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LSpanghero - Exercises at pages 98-99
by LSpanghero - (2019-02-26)
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Es. 1

1) Hunting

2) Forest

3) Mother

4) Meet

5) True-love

6) Eels

7) Poisoned

8) Heart

9) Gold and silver

10) Hell and fire



Es. 2

a)In each stanza, the first two lines represent Lord Randal's mother's questions, the second two lines represent Lord Randal's answers. The story is told in general terms because Lord Randal is very hasty in the answers.


b)In the first stanza there are not expressions which hint at Lord Randal's death, because he says that he is wearied with hunting.


c)The sixth stanza does not contain questions and it is relevant because it reveals to us what really happened to Lord Randal: he has been poisoned!


d)They are the second stanza and for Lord Randal's oral testament the seventh, the eighth and the nineth stanzas.



Es. 3

a)The words are: gold, silver, houses, lands




  1. 4

The dialogue between the mother and her child is factual because the child responds coldly to his mother's questions, limiting himself to saying what is necessary and giving her orders. Emerges the love of his mother, who is very worried and asks him many questions to understand what happened to him.



  1. 5



Es. 6

The symbol of her false love are eels fried, because apparently they are a nice present towards Lord Randal, but they really are poisoned and that's where the fallacy is: both the true-love and the eels seemed good for Lord Randal, but in the end they revealed dangerous.


  1. 7

1) tragic subject matter

2) the poisonment

3) Lord Randal's return and his testament


5) dialogue between Lord Randal and his mother

6) repetitions and the same organization

7) Lord Randal, my son, my handsome young man, ...

8) .