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LCecchini - "Lord Randal" Analysis
by LCecchini - (2019-02-28)
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Oh, where ha’ you been Lord Randal, my son.

I expect the poem to be about a Middle-Age’s story, because in the title there is the word “Lord”, an aristocratic man of these Age. The text is arranged into 10 stanzas of four lines each. The quartets have a similar pattern and the rhyme AABB.

The stanzas are dialogues between Lord Randal and his mother. The mother lots of times ask to his son where he has been, and he answer showing indifference to his mother. He wants only to go to bed. This situation shows a typical dialogue between an oppressive an overprotective mother and his dull son.

Lord Randal tell he has just been in the greenwood to hunt and meet his true love. He has also eaten with his “true love” and he has given the leavins to his hawks and hounds. But he tells his hawks and hounds died, and the mother understands the food was poisoned. In the last part of the poem he leaves his cows, lands, gold to his brother, sister and mother and he leaves to his “true love” “fire and hell”.