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    3PLSC - Ballads
    3ALS - Medieval Literature. Ballads
    3A - Medieval  Ballads

    The area is devoted to the study of the cultural products of The Middle Ages and to the literary out-put of the period. It will also offer occasions to practice textual analysis,too.
    If you want to know more about what a ballad is refer to the link.

    The Medieval ballad



    Study about ballads

    Ballad: a relatively short narrative poem, written to be sung, with a simple and dramatic action. The ballads tell of love, death, the supernatural, or a combination of these. Two characteristics of the ballad are incremental repetition and the ballad stanza. Incremental repetition repeats one or more lines with small but significant variations that advance the action.

    The ballad stanza is four lines; commonly, the first and third lines contain four feet or accents, the second and fourth lines contain three feet.

    Ballads often open abruptly, present brief descriptions, and use concise dialogue.
    The folk ballad is usually anonymous and the presentation impersonal.

    The literary ballad deliberately imitates the form and spirit of a folk ballad. Read the ballads below and write their text analysis:

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