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VMischis - Argumentative text about Frankissstein and Frankenstein
by VMischis - (2019-09-30)
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The thesis supported by Kerryn Goldsworthy and Daisy Hay is that Janette Winsterson’s novel is based on a doubleness.

This element is presented not only in the structure, considering that the book is divided into two tracks : the first which the novel begins is about the story of Mary Shelley in the 19th century while she is writing her best novel “Frankenstein” and she arguing about that with her friends and her husband. The second one is about Ry Shelley a transgender and Victor Stein who are debating with other people about AI (artificial intelligence).

The doubleness is shown in the figure of Ry who is not one thing as he said and not one gender.

Every character of Janette Winterson’s novel is a parody of Mary Shelley’s friends/characters.

Indeed Ry Shelley is Mary Shelley, Victor Stein who is a futurist and wants to develop the technology such as Victor Frankenstein, Ron Lord (who is a sex-obsessed millionaire unable to sustain a relationship with anything other than an animatronic sex-doll) is Lord Byron and Claire is Claire Clairmont Mary’s step-sister.

Moreover the topics discussed are about life and death, human beings and robots and emotions and AI.

Furthermore both novelists have the same conditions in childhood. Mary Shelley’s mother died giving her birth like Janette Winterson who was an orphan.

In spite of twohundred years of difference both of them treat about the same subject such as life, death and artificial intelligence.