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FOlivo - Janette Winterson goes beyond the binaries of human creation
by FOlivo - (2019-09-30)
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In “The Sidney Morning Herald”, Kerryn Goldsworthy make a review about the novel “Frankissstein: a love story”, written by Janette Winterson. In the review the author claims that “the Winterson goes beyond the binaries of human creation”. With these words, he wants to say that the novelist is underlining two of problems of 21th century society: the fusion between human beings and artificial intelligence and the doubleness of human genders.

Indeed one of the most important characters of the novel is Ry Shelley, a transgender doctor, who lives and who is pleased about is doubleness. He is in love with Dr Victor Stain, whose dream is to develop artificial intelligence. Furthermore Shelley, who is a doctor too, provides to Stein body parts from corpses because he wants to create some inventions to facilitate human beings’ life.

In addiction, the reviewer puts in evidence even the second story present in the novel: Mary Shelley life at the time of writing her famous book “Frankestein”. He claims that this part of the novel has a lot of references to Mary Shelley’s life and to her book that the reader can understand only after reading the original “Frankestein”.

About the references, Goldsworthy also says that the Winterson’s novel is full of quotation and allusions from contemporary literature, like Virginia Woolf and the Eagles and classical literature, like sonnet 51 of Shakespare. The reviewer is convinced of the fact that the novelist used all these quotations to reinforce the exploration of human identity made in the novel.