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by MZanutta - (2019-09-30)
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Frankissstein is a playful reanimation of Mary Shelley’s classic called “Frankenstein”. The novel doesn’t only tell us a romantic story, but also rappresents all the changes done in this century.

The intelligent reader knows that in the Medioevil period, there was a binary vision. This way to watch life leaded people to believe that there weren’t only two ways.

During the centuries human being evolved their way of thinking, and that’s why in this years we don’t talk about “binary vision”, but we have multiple shades of thinking.

The novel juxtapose Mary Shelley’s novel to a book about artificial intelligence and gender fluidity.

The first one (Frankenstein) is a novel about a lonely young scientist, Victor Frankenstein, who builds and animates an humanoid monster and then abandons it out of disgust. It was written by an 18-year-old grieving genius, Mary Woolstonecraft Shelley, who was on a rainy holiday with her husband in a cottage on Lake Geneva.

The other novel is about Professor Victor Stein, a TED-talking tech visionary, who is exploring the future possibilities for humanity, from cryogenically preserved bodies to emulation, a process that would allow science to upload the contents of our brains. Victor, a fiftysomething who possesses “that sex-mix of soul-saving and erudition”, has attracted the attention of Dr Ry Shelley, a transgender medic who is supplying the professor with body parts for his lab experiments.

Janette Winterson changes the character’s name to underline the desire to depart from the old stereotypes of novels. In addiction the name parallels are: Mary, Byron, Claire, and Polidori of Geneva 1816 become Ry, Ron, Claire, and Polly in 21st century Manchester. Mary and Percy Shelly’s relationship become through Mary’s relationship to her creation, Victor Frankenstein, and into Ry’s relationship with his puzzling, secretive lover Victor.