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5LSCA - AColaut - Narrative purpose of the first chapter of Normal People
by AColaut - (2019-09-30)
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Narrative purpose of the first chapter of Normal People

In this chapter Sally Rooney makes an overall view on the two protagonists: Marianne and Connell. From the way he acts you can notice right away that he is a very shy person, that blushes really easily; he is really intelligent, but he doesn’t want to remind it , he hates it. In this start of the novel you find even Connell’s mother, a really funny lady that as job is an housekeeper, she is really direct with her son because she can understand Marianne better than him, indeed when he tries to leave without saying “bye” she was really annoyed.

Instead Marianne is a really peculiar girl, she has a good wealthy family, but at school she is a really unpopular girl, attacked by everyone, just because she is different type of girl, reserved, that at lunchtime instead of eating with someone she keeps reading some novels that make her feel like in another world, where she is not made fun of for what she does, like only getting her blouse off just to wash it.

Whit this descriptions the writer even defines another aspect of Connell’s personality. When he is with her he feels secure and just by looking at her he blushes and feels uncomfortable, but knowing Marianne’s popularity he doesn’t want to talk to her to school or go out with her because he is frightened of his image and of being judged and hated by everyone. Marianne is the contrary of him, indeed she doesn’t care about what people think about her and she is direct, like when she says to him that she loves him.

This part is even a critique of nowadays teenagers acting like kids, discriminating a girl just for her physical aspect or her popularity and caring more about their social image and not about real people, that feel and express real emotions.