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AGambino - the 12th of January - play
by AGambino - (2020-01-12)
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George and Elizabeth are talking in the living room, while little Tracy is playing with a stuffed animal on the carpet. Suddenly Sophie comes into the living room without taking her eyes off her mobile and without paying any attention to anyone.


George: “Hi Sophie, you sound speechless! We haven't seen each other all day and you don't even say hello!”.


With an annoyed air she says: "Hi", keeping her eyes on her mobile.


Tracy says: “Look mom, she’s always on her mobile phone!”.


Sophie kicks Tracy nervously.


Elizabeth getting up says: “Don’t treat badly your sister! Tell her sorry!”.


Sophie shrugs but says: “Sorry Tracy....Are you happy now, mum? Anyway, some of  my friends are having a party tonight....Can I go there?”.


Elizabeth and George say together: “Who, where, when, why?”.


George: “Who would accompany you? I work till late and I don’t want to take the car out to drive you to the party!”.


Tracy: “It’s better, so dad and I could spend time together tonight!”.


Sophie says: “Emily’s cousin would take me and the party will take place in the Jacob’s basement.”.


Elizabeth glancing her husband says: “George, what do you think?”.


George: “I don’t trust Jacob.”.


Elizabeth: “Me too....”.


Sophie: “But Jacob is a friend!”.


Tracy: “Oh Sophie has a boyfriend *laughs*”.


Sophie: “Shut up Tracy! It’s not true.”.


George: “No, I’m sorry Sophie, but I’ve decided you can’t go to the party.”.


Sophie annoyed, sits on the table and says: “Mum, dad....I remember you I’m sixteen. Times have changed. They aren’t the same when you were young! I have the right to go there and you should know and trust me.”.


Elizabeth: “We trust you, but we don’t trust the other people!”.


Tracy: “I wouldn’t even trust you.”.


Elizabeth: “If you watch the news, you could understanding the world where we live!”.


George: “Your mother is right! We don’t know  anything about the guys at the party, we can’t imagine their intentions.”.


Sophie: “Always the same excuses! I’ve never got home drunk or too late”.


Elizabeth: “Yes, but we have to ensure that you fell good!”.


Sophie: “I’ll be careful, I promise.”


George: “OK, you can go. Please, remember what we told you, just a mistake is enough to betray our trust.”.


Sophie with a satisfied air hugs, kisses and thanks her parents.


Tracy: “If I were you, I wouldn’t let her go, she doesn’t deserve it, you must also notice the way she treated me!!”.


Before getting out the door, Sophie catches Tracy’s stuffed animal and throws it away.