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by AMagi - (2020-01-15)
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Exercises page 31.

A)Chemistry B)archaeology C)Ecology D)Geology E)Marine Biology F)Physics


1)Photo B 2)Photo F


1A chemist finds ways to make chemicals useful to society.

2A ecologist studies ways of protecting the environment.

3A geologist studies rocks and  the history of the earth.

4A physicist asks ‘big’ questions about the laws of nature.

5An archaeologist studies people who lived thousands of years ago.

6A marine studies, observes and protects marine life.


Speaker 1: B Speaker 2: D Speaker 3: A Speaker 4: C Speaker 5: F


1Who wants to collect cures about evidence warming?

2Who wants to make new experiments and find new cures?

3Who loves doing research and analysing data?

4Who spent hours in the Egyptian room in the Louvre?

5Who is doing discoveries into climate change?


2biologist 3chemistry 4ecologist 5geologist 7physics 8scientist

Exercises page 34


1)music 2)travel 3)school 4)technology 5)faschion.


1)People don’t used their cars much, but now they drive everywhere.

2)People update their online profiles now, but they wrote letters.

3)Children play inside now, but in the past they played outside.

4)Teachers suggested books, but now they give out website addresses.

5)Families watched tv together, but now they watch it individually.

6)Students use Google now, but they looked up things in encyclopedias.

7)Parents didn’t worried so much, but now they give children less freedom.


1)my parents used to took me to school every day

2)I didn’t use to go online much

3)I didn’t use to go on a school trip to the Science Museum.

4)My parents used to buy my first mobile phone.