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AMagi- If I would have a free month
by AMagi - (2020-01-16)
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If I could have a free month, I would spend it traveling.

In particular I would go to my “mother” city: Taranto.

If my budget would be big,  I would travel by train if not I’ll use a Flixbus that is cheap but it is also very uncomfortable  and the travel is about 15 hours.

If I could go to Taranto, I would rent an hotel room or I would stay at my friend house.

If I could go in a summer month I would spend all my days at the beach or by visiting all the sea towns near Taranto.

If I could go in a winter or autumn month I would spend my days by shopping in the centre of Taranto or by eating the famous and delicious fish of my city.

If I could be independent and have a car or a motorbike, I would met all my real friends and I would visit my old house where I left my happiness.