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by TStabile - (2020-01-16)
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Tecla Stabile

<i’m so happy. I have one month of freedom. no work, no stress just me.>

< that sounds handsome! What will you do?>

< I think I will go on a trip. I would like to go to an island desolate. I want to stay by my own. I want to leave all the bad vibes. I want to read all the books I bought and I never read. I also want to start a bakery course.

And a snorkelling course. The island where I will go has an incredible sea.

I also would like to go to Europe’s city tour. I would like to see Paris, Berlin, Vienna and the other beautiful city. I love travelling. >

< you don’t want to stay at home? >

< not at all. I want to change everything around me, I want to revolution me.

< that sound right! Hope you the best. Have a great holiday

< thank u dear