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MBaggio - Play by: M.Baggio - S.Bosich - Bozza
by MBaggio - (2020-01-16)
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A: Hi, guys!

B: Hello!

C: Good morning, I hadn’t met you for a long time. I missed you.

A-B: Me too!

C: What did you do in these years?

A: I married Jenny, she attended our school and she won a math competition.

C: and you Giacomo?

B: I was bored in these years without you I’m very happy now because I finally meet you.

(they hug them)

B: Well! Let’s go to the rails!

A: Which number?

C: Number six.

B: Fantastic!

(they arrive in Florence)

A: Well, and now let’s go to the marathon.

(they do the marathon)

A: We are tired, where would you want to go?

B: I’d like to go to the Uffizi Gallery or to eat an ice cream.

C: Good idea, I desire to visit the Uffizi Gallery, too, I’m interested in see the Botticelli’s Venere.

A: Also, for me going to the Uffizi Gallery is a good idea. Let’s go there!

(the friends go to the Uffizi Gallery)

C: Oh no! There is a long line in front of the museum’s entry and we don’t have time.

A: Oh, now our trip is spoiled.

C: So is better that we choose something other to do… we will go to the Uffizi gallery in another situation

A: Then we can walk in the centre of the city

B: I have foot pain and I’m so tired so I’m going to eat an ice cream and to go to the hotel.

C: I come with you Mattia, well Giacomo, are you going to meet us this evening? Are you going to have dinner with us?

B: No, this evening I’m not going to go out, I’m going to eat alone in the holtel’s restaurant

C: Ok, then we go

(While Giacomo goes to the ice cream shop Mattia and Federico start to walk. While they walk they see a Mattia’s cousin who lives in Florence)

A: Hello dear cousin, how are you?

D: Hello guys, I’m fine thanks. The last time I saw you, we were children. Do you know where are you going to eat this evening?

C: No, we don’t.

D: So you can come in my restaurant, where you will try a Fiorentina.

A Thank you, it’s a good idea.

(three friends go to the restaurant and the cousin give them their Fiorentinas)

D: So…. how the Fiorentinas are?

A: so good, I have never eaten something like these.

C: It’s fantastic!

D: Thank you, I’m very happy that you discovered a typical Florence’s dish.

A: Now we must go, thank you very much dear friend.

C: Bye bye.

(Mattia and Federico go to the hotel and they describe what happened them in the afternoon to their friend)

A: We had a very nice day. We thought that our afternoon was spoiled but it wasn’t.

C: Yes, there isn’t nothing better than meet someone dear that you haven’t seen for a long time.

B: Instead I didn’t spend a good afternoon, staying here alone, and only because of my laziness.