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AGambino - the 16th of January - dialogue
by AGambino - (2020-01-16)
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A: «Do you know that our friend, Matt, took a sabbatical year?»

B: «Really? I can’t even imagine a sabbatical month, I have a lot of stuff to do everyday!»

A: «What would you do, if you had a free month?»

B: «Mm, let me think for a moment. First of all I’d fix all the things that would missing to do. After that I would spend the first part of the month traveling, i don’t know where, I would probably decide at the moment. Then, I’d spend the rest of the mont being quite. I’d rest my mind and my body. I’d think a lot about the travel I did. I’d spend my time doing  the activities I like the most, like reading, listening to music, go for a walk, go out with my few friends, make a cake and others.»

A: «Wow, it looks very relaxing. You’d definitely need it!»