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SB - dialogo su cosa vorremmo fare se avessimo un mese libero
by SBosich - (2020-01-16)
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A: If you had a free month what would you want do to?

B. If I had a free month, I would travel a lot. There are a lot of place that I would visit, like London, Paris and the Usa. I love basketball so if go to the America I will go to a play, in Chicago, because my favourite basketball team is Chicago bulls. But I wouldn’t like to visit only cities, I also would to go into the nature, for example I would go to the Niagara Falls, and you?

A: If I had a free month I would stay at my home and I would relax, because of my job I’m very stressed. I would watch a lot of films that I haven’t watched yet, for example I would watch the new film of star wars.

B: would you stay all the free month at home? If you stayed all the time home wouldn’t you be bored?

A: No, for me nothing is better than stay on the sofa and watch the TV

B: The time that I stay in Italy I would  go all the day out with my friends, to the basketball playground.