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Osponza - homework pg.36-37
by OSponza - (2020-01-22)
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PG.36 N.2

B How I became interested in Biology


PG.36 N.3

  1. I was only eight years old

  2. I was really worried!

  3. Suddenly.

  4. Because.

  5. First.

  6. While.

  7. In the end


PG.36 N.4

  1. First they got to the top of a hill

  2. Then they stopped to look at the stars

  3. Eventually they decided to go back to the campsite

  4. While they were walking back, the little boy saw three little stars in the woods

  5. After a while he asked his mother about them

  6. In the end, it turned out they were fireflies.


PG.37 N.5

  1. first

  2. All of sudden

  3. excited

  4. then

  5. after that

  6. in the end

  7. never forget!