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by SGodeas - (2020-01-22)
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I can still remember my holiday in Sicily last summer. I was with my dad, my mum, my sister and my friend Alessio. We went in Palermo and we stayed there three days. Then we moved to Agrigento for four days and last but not least in Catania, where we took the plane. The place was beautiful and I had a lot of fun there with my friends. The food was delicious, specially arancini and cannoli. When we came back home I was so sad but I was also happy to see my relatives again.

Esercizio 2

How I became interested in Biology

Esercizio 3

I was only eight years old/it was late in the evening/it was lovely morning for a walk/I was in the classroom when

I was really worried/exited/we were in trouble/what a surprise/just time to…!

I’ll never forget the time/day when I decided/first saw…was an event I’ll never forget

All of a sudden/suddenly/really/completely

And/but/so/because my mum wanted…

Beginning: first

Middle: when/then/later/while/after that/afterwards

End: finally/eventually/in the end

Esercizio 4

1)first they got to the hop of a hill

2)then they stopped to look at the stars

3)eventually they decided to go back to the campsite

4)while they were walking back, the little boy saw three little stars in the woods

5)after a while he asked his mother about them

6)in the end, it turned out they were fireflies