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SB - pag 36, 37 e es 7 pag 39 (focus 2)
by SBosich - (2020-01-22)
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Pag 36 es 1

I was seven years old and I attended the second class of the elementary school. I was in my mother’s car and she was driving me to my basketball training, I have been playing basketball since 2010. We were passing in front of the Fiumicello’s square and we were going to the gym when my mother asked me I would take part to the scout association of our little town. At the begin I was undecided, but because of the  idea of passing a lot of time with my friend and also conditionate to the lot of film that I had watched where scouts go sleep in the wood with the tents and they light a fire I decided to t became a scout. Also today I’m a scout and I love this activity.

Pag 36 es 2

How I became interested in Biology

Pag 36 es 3

  1. Was only
  2. Really worried
  3. Forget the time
  4. Suddenly
  5. Because
  6. First
  7. While
  8. In the end

Pag 36 es 4

  1. First they got to the top of the hill
  2. Then they stopped to look at the stars
  3. Eventually they decided to go back to the campsite
  4. While they were walking back, the little boy saw three little stars in the woods
  5. After a while she asked his mother about them
  6. In the end, it turned out they were fireflies.

Pag 37 es 5

  1. But
  2. A sudden
  3. Really
  4. So
  5. First
  6. At the end
  7. Never forget

Pag 37 es 6

When I got on the bus, it was very crowded and I couldn’t find a seat. I were to the University, but because I hadn’t the driving license, I had to go to the University buy bus. I was alone because nobody of my classmates live in my part of the city. When I was walking in the bus in search of a seat I saw a men near me that he laid his rucksack in a seat. I asked him to shift his beg but he said: I don’t shift my bag because it is very heavy. So, very furious because I didn’t want to stay standing for all the time, I said him : There aren’t other free seats in the bus and you can’t occupy more than one place. Than he shift me the seat but he muttered for all the travel.

Pag 37 es 7

Three days ago I went to the cinema with my friends Paolo and Matteo. Paolo has the driving license so he drove us to the cinema. We went to watch the new film of Star Wars, we love this saga. When we arrived Paolo parked his car in front of the cinema and he put the keys of his car in a pocket of his jeans. At the finish of the film we went to eat in a restaurant and, when we finished to have dinner, we went to the car running because it was reining but Paolo can’t find his keys in the pocket. He started say: I put the keys in this pocket, why they aren’t there.  I was worried for my friend so Me and Mattia started to search the keys but we didn’t find them. Surrendered we went to the bus station but when we arrived there a men came to us, he said that Paolo had lost the keys in the restaurant. At last it was over and I breathed a sigh of relief!

Pag 39 es 7

  1. A
  2. C
  3. A
  4. C
  5. B
  6. C